Who are we but children looking for warmth,
But it is impossible to truly give forth.
We are humans big and small,
and we are always going to fall.

For our victims, our guilt is our punishment.
Only consoling ourselves knowing it was an accident.
For everyone to love all is a dream,
but to hate to the common regime.

We the people of the this Earth,
think we can dictate what a human life is worth.
You and I are infinitely greater than any cost,
even though some of us are lost.

If we are all worth more than the stars above,
why can we not pass the dove.
The peace of which binds everyone,
and is even in the barbarian.

There is love that connects us,
so let’s not make a fuss.
But act as childern of free will,
to stay warm and not get a chill.


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