The Landscape of Self-Education

Who are we? What is humanity? What is our universal purpose and goal of which binds us together as one people?

Let us leave out the default answer of “Hey we are all alive!” I need something deeper than that, we all do. Even though I may be writing this does by no means say I have all the answers “So, this is your one-stop shops for understanding Humanity!”  Ya, those do not exist and if you are searching… STOP!  you will only be disappointed because people are not that simple.

Each and every one of you, chosen few, of which we call humans, have many things in common, but above all humanity is in a state of Evolution.  Now, some of you might be thinking to yourself “Well, of course, we are in a state of Evolution!  Look out the window, electric cars are a reality.  We even have this magic thing that pops out of a box called the “Internet”!”  Now, now before you get all worked up, let me explain this notion somewhat because it is deceptively complex.

Every moment of every day, we as a species are reinventing what it means to live, and what it means to be a human being.  There are those of which believe that you cannot be civilized without the internet in your life on a daily basis.  There are those of which think that this world cannot be lived in without air conditioning, or temperature controlled water.  I have a friend of which when her water heater went out, it was just about the end of the world for her because she could not have a warm shower in the morning.  These small things of which are basic to those of us blessed to be in countries with such amenities.  Even though this is a small part of our daily lives it is something of which redefined what it means to be human for many people in our ever-smaller world today.

With that being said, what I am talking about is something very fundamental to the experience of being human.  Something of which we all have, the ability to evolve from what you were transforms into what you will become.  This very simple notion that metaphorically, Humanity is evolution.  Now let me tell you what I mean by this.

Throughout our lives on this Earth people come and go, but there is one constant that still remains the same throughout all of these interactions.  You are present, and what that means is that through every experience you slowly change from one person to the next.  Just like your body goes from a baby into an adult, so does your mind transform in one way or another.  Some people never grow up, and some people gain maturity at an age much before their parents.  In this world of ever-changing cyberspace and educational landscape, it is very important to stay ahead of this curve so we are not stuck in the land of mediocrity.

The best way to be able to gain more knowledge is through reading, listening, and through action.  Have you ever read a book that is designed to help you are one way or another?  For most people that is a no, because the word help is looked down upon with a negative connotation.  We all need to get past that because asking for help from someone who is successful is an amazing thing.  They can give you answers to questions you did not know you had, as well as giving you guidance on how to get their results.

Last time I checked, not everyone knows someone who is willing to teach them in business, music, film, or whatever industry you are interested in.  Mostly because these people do not have enough time to actually go out and do these things themselves.  The easiest way to get the knowledge from these individuals in books of which they have spent the time to write out for us.  Giving us an insight into the way that they think, act, and perceive others.  This information is incredibly useful, and if acted upon so it becomes habit is game-changing.

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