Explorer Rex

Into the abyss, you traveled,
your courage unrivaled,
constantly you battled,
for you always baffled.

Explorer Rex,
for you, humans constantly perplex,
while the universe is your vertex,
as you continually travel to the next.

You are of myth,
just like that ancient monolith,
for you are the Star Smith,
of which no one can go with.

You forged the path for humanity,
to only keep your sanity,
to keep from your own vanity,
you spread urbanity.

Raise your sails,
now is the time for tales,
when you tipped the scales,
always from your fails.

beautiful boat daylight foggy

For humanity shall sail the stars,
just like we did in the memoirs,
when we raised the bars,
on that sacred planet of ours.

Raise the sails,
for how can we tell tales,
When we have not forged our own,
for we have not truly grown.

To know where we are going
is to know where we have been.
for that is how we begin forging
our short, short scene.

I call to thee, Explorer Rex,
for as you continue to perplex,
we give our eternal respects
for we are your subjects.

sky earth space working

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