My Love, My Angel, Come back to Me

My heart shakes for you,
Your eyes drill that firey screw,
as my heart beats its last, only for you,

As my soul rages in that tempest filled sea,
Gasping for Air, yet you held my heart key,
still, you continue to flee…

My heart shattered, My soul forever scarred,
feeling burnt till smoldering and charred,
desperately trying to regrow my heart from a single shard.

Emptiness Consuming,
My Suffering is Corruption Blooming,
With the Seeds of Corruption Forever Looming…

Yet Hope within My Heart,
desperately needing a forced Restart,
which only time can impart…

Slowly growing over my soul scar,
all I can do is apply tar,
To fix the road of my emotions, to patch my eternal scar…


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